Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Merry Christmas, my friends and family. I can't believe how folks are not receptive to the word "Christmas" this year; it's freaky. They're only going with "Happy Holidays". I refuse to conform.

Looks like I'll be spending time alone this afternoon/evening; "D" has to go into work; Son will be deeply entranced w/his new CD player; mom wanted to stay home & cook, & my sisters are spending time w/their families. The three of us had a nice time opening what we could give; I had an entire bottle of Korbel Brut champagne (my self-imposed tradition) and we're all in chill mode.
"The Tree, 2012" :-)

Since we're not making a big deal of dinner, I skipped out on cooking 'the all out Christmas dinner.' "D" and I had left-over chili (yum), and Son will have left over pot roast. The ham & all that other crap will keep until the spirit moves me.

So, while I listen to Pandora Holiday Jazz, sip some more, maybe bake some cookies & make up a Christmas bag for the young teenage neighbor, I am thinking of all of you enjoying your holiday. I pray there is plenty of love, hugs, laughter, good food and merriment.

And that you are all blessed with the reason for the Season. Merry CHRISTmas and good, awesome, wonderful cheer. :-)


  1. Tracey, you are so a person after my own heart. I've been saying "Merry Christmas" as well and so far I've not run into someone who objects. When I was growing up that was the standard greeting but then that was before globalization was even on the horizon!! I think what people object to is "Christ" in the word Christmas which is such a shame. Also, I learned that the Christmas tree has no religious connotations! But again I think people object to the "Christmas" tree because it has "Christ" in it!!! Again, how very sad for us all! Love your photos especiallky the one of the stars and "Christmas" ornaments! That would make a beautiful photo card.

  2. So if ...... as I often do ... (work through the Christmas period) when some one wishes me "Happy Holidays" should I take offence?

    1. Lol! I think they're both good, Whitesnake. Both Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. They mean one in the same to me: just to be "merry" that it's "Christmas & be "Happy" because it's the "Holidays." It's the folks that don't like the word "CHRISTmas" who puzzle me. :-)



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