Sunday, December 9, 2012


How can I be me when you constantly say
You don't understand how I operate this way

I am the dreamer, with the wonderment of a child. You are the cynic, easily riled

For many years we have been bounded. When neither of us truly well rounded.
The time passes & years have abounded.

But, oh, how my heart longs to be grounded

Pictures: me
Sunday Scribbling word prompt: "grounded"


  1. Hopefully not with him, you don't sound suited! Great photos.

    1. Thanks oldegg. Unfortunately I am. Working on not being. Thanks, friend :-)

  2. hard times its seems... may you find your true ground x

  3. Tracey, aren't we supposed to be grounded? Isn't it when we're not grounded we have problems? In any event, I love your photos!! I especially love the one for "the time passes & years have abounded."


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