Sunday, December 30, 2012


The tornado has always been one of my most extreme fears. Weather freaked me out. Later in life, I am believing it was because my grandmother, MamaNell, terrified us as kids. Not to point blame, but she made us think that if we didn't shut the house down & sit in total darkness until a storm passed, we would surely be struck by lightning & meet God. Instantly.

I was paralyzed. Not until years later when I had to act brave for my very young son at the time did I face the storms of all my life.

Now, I have been having nightmares of tornadoes. I've always had them for years, but now it's almost every time I remember a dream. It's (the t-nado) always very close & I spend a lot of energy trying to get away until something else bizarre distracts me (i.e., suddenly @ work w/my pajamas on; battling w/neighbors I don't recognize. 

There is unrest & I wake exhausted from being totally defiant to the fear of it all. 

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Sunday Scribblings word prompt: "defiant'

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  1. I knew an old lady like your grandma once. Lucky for me, I knew she was a nut. Great story!



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