Sunday, December 23, 2012

Advent Day 23/Peace on Earth.

O come, desire of Nations, bind
In one the hearts of all mankind.
Bid thou our sad divisions cease
And be thyself our King of Peace.
As the days draw closer to the birth of our King, my anticipation quickens. Even though it isn't about the receiving, but the giving, I was able to completely shop for Son & "D" w/out the rush of the crowd, or spending a lot of money. I was able to get things I know they need & want. That gave me a certain amount of peace.

As this past year of oh, so much violence comes to a close, I pray for greater peace in the coming year. Peace in our towns, cities, states, countries and the world.

As we enter another year of life, I pray that we will all stay faithful, peaceful, kind to ourselves and our loved ones, reach out to others, cultivate our relationships that mean so much to us, and keep God in the forefront of our lives.

Our faith, our Father & His Son is all we have left to hang onto to get through each and everything.

We are blessed.

~ Namaste

Picture: me (part of the "lights in the park" display near my home)

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