Sunday, August 29, 2010

Random flow...

With my love for elderly folks, I was quite happy to stumble upon this beauty. Isn't she sweet? Love the way she writes. And what an inspiration - she's wheelchair bound & still just as positive as the day is long. A lesson to all of us (me) when we start to whine. Can't wait to read more of her;

Back to work w/the 'new hair.' It's nothing drastic, just cut evenly blunt & flat-ironed. I love how easy it is & how much 'swing' it has. I look more 'up to date' now; I dumping all of my 'hair guinea pig crap' and sticking w/this stylist. I want it like this always. JCPenney salon - who knew?

Should've bought those bananas on the quick-sale rack & made banana smoothies;

The weekend was beautiful every day. The weather channel called it 'abundant sunshine.' Not one cloud in sight for 72 hours...

Am very thankful for my full day;
  1. Bible study in bed when I woke
  2. coffee on the porch & read paper
  3. pancakes & bacon for son & D
  4. watered w/watering can, then pulled out hose
  5. watered everything & sprayed down porch & patio
  6. marinated roast for dinner & put in crock pot w/onion & green peppers*
  7. washed collard greens; made w/cabbage, onion & green peppers**
  8. cleaned kitchen
  9. played around w/the camera (results to follow later)
  10. did a load of laundry
  11. cut son's hair
  12. sat on porch & patio & listened to the crickets
  13. actually made our lunches/set coffee pot/got clothes ready tonite**
*did get green peppers off quick sale rack
**this never happens

I was going to make these, but I didn't feel like turning the oven on & didn't want to run the air. I had a baking spell, found that website & these popped up first as 'easy.' I'll keep you posted;

I kept feeling like I should 'rush' for some reason throughout the day, but I consciously made myself slow down & be in each moment of what I was doing. Instead of thinking of what I was gonna do next, I took my time & focused on the moment. It made me 10x more calm...

There's an abandoned house behind me that will (hopefully) be torn down soon. I have dreams of being able to get the lot, fence it in & there goes my space for gardening & flowers that like LIGHT. And right in the middle will be the mighty willow! Prayers...

Speaking of elderly, Sat. I met a couple named 'Bob & Dottie." Dottie still wore her hair like she probably did when she started going w/Bob in 7th grade. Married 40 years, Bob's eyesight was nearly gone, so Dottie was his eyes. She was all of maybe 4'11 & had the most beautiful smile. They were still very clearly in love. I have their address & I'm sure will drop them a card.

Finally, I got my gift of jewels project all ready to ship offf. I hope it brings her joy; I love being a part of this. As I always say, Se'Lah is amazing.

Sweet story behind the elderly love picture. All that w/a pencil, huh? Amazing...


  1. First, I have to say that I love your new photo under the "about me" section. Beautiful! Also loved the photo and blog that you linked us to with "this beauty". You day sounded wonderful. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pencil drawing of the couple. I did go read about it and saw the original photo. Just lovely.

  2. Hey Girlfriend!! (LOL!) thanks for the kind words & thanks for coming by. Glad you ejoyed 'a day in the life of me' (LOL!). Come back anytime, old friend - the door's always open :-)



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