Sunday, August 22, 2010


my son (who is autistic) learned a very hard lesson during high school.

he fell in love w/his teacher.

the lesson, explaining & repercussions were sad

his thoughts were 'why not share what you feel in your heart?'

the experience turned his heart to fear

and now love + "girls" = danger

he says, "no way, Jose, they're evil." :-?

it will change for him when it's time

but meanwhile, my heart cracks a little

Sunday Scribbling word: dangerous


  1. Hi Tracey!!I can well relate to your hazards and fears together with that of your son through this excellent post you have put up here.Recently I had seen an Indian movie on ASPERGER SYNDROME a form of autism spectrum conditions (ASC.A very positive film beautifully handled just as you have been.Loved the Mary Angelou quote- “If you have only one smile in you give it to the people you love.” Keep up the good spirit!!

  2. Hi Nanka - thanks for stopping by my place! (LOL!) I will have to 'google' the movie you speak of - would love to see it. my son has quite a few team mates with Asperger's. I never realized there were so many types of mental disabilities until I was blessed enuff to get involved with the 'disabled world. Thanks for the encouragement - please come back again :-)

  3. Oh Tracey, my heart aches for you and your son. My grandson is also on the autism spectrum. He's never been fully tested (a very long story) but I think he has Asperger Syndrome. He just started first grade. and he lost his momma at the end of March. It is so difficult at times. Seems like we have more and more in common all the time, doesn't it. ;)



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