Tuesday, August 31, 2010

In that final hour....

.... she walked about the tiny apartment, deciding what of her life was important enough. What would be considered extra weight or baggage. She had mental baggage to carry, so material baggage was unnecessary. Besides material things were sold all over the world.

... everything was in place; the baby's things had been packed and were on their way . All of his things would come along for they required no mental baggage & no space. One thing she hated to leave behind was the vintage bassinet & Jenny Lind crib given to her by co-workers; passed down from their families. Now these things would probably go to the trash or if someone was lucky enough to come across them. She hoped someone would get more use out of them. Besides, bassinets & cribs were sold all over the world, however, somebody's memories could not.

...another check over things led to the wedding gifts; blenders, wine glasses, place settings, etc.; things that were never used by the bride & groom. Oh, except the hand blender; the husband had taught her to make salad dressing from mayonnaise & vinegar.... during one of their rare 'functional moments.... Even still today, 112 years later when she lets her mind wander there - which is nearly never - she always wondered what became of the hand blender.

....the arrival of the husband interrupted her actions & thoughts. She hadn't laid eyes on him in nearly 2-3 days and now he waltzed in like he had had a day @ the office. She didn't question him because she didn't care anymore what he did. They made small talk & he offered to fix her breakfast before she left for work. And also offered to keep the baby as opposed to her taking him to daycare. Where were these types of action when it mattered? Why now?

...she very quickly dismissed him w/an excuse of not being hungry & she didn't mind taking the baby. He helped her gather her purse, the baby, etc. while she watched him. She wanted to get a good look at him for the memory bank should she ever go there. The last was of him smiling, waving & telling her to have good day. And then she closed the door on that final hour of that life.

.... she went directly to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), purchased a one-way ticket, boarded her flight w/her 2 month old son. Within hours, she was standing in her parents' kitchen in her Midwest hometown.

... and that was the final hour of my marriage 23 years ago.

Sunday Scribbling archived word: The Final Hour

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