Saturday, March 16, 2013

It's Out There

The Catskill Mountains, New York. Only food, drink, fire wood & a camera is needed. ;-)
Sanibel island, Florida - Treasures!!! I'm shell addicted!!

The Pier on Tybee Island, Georgia. I could see myself greeting the sunrise. Every morning. Without fail.

Savannah, Georgia. I long to see 'real, live moss!'

The Battery, Charleston, SC - a dream stroll
If you want it, it's out there
waiting to be seen by new eyes
discovered by wondering minds
Explored by curious passions
Devoured by new appetites
Captured anxiously & shared
through a new lens

In this fifth, blessed decade of life
Where change is demanding to be acknowledged
I believe it's time to go see, feel, touch, taste, smell & learn

Pictures: Internet courtesy. One day, I will post my own :-)
Sunday Scribblings word prompt: "it's out there"


  1. Beautiful set of lovely photographs, guaranteed to spark the wanderlust.

    1. I agree, Altonian. And these places are just on the East Coast; another post will speak on the West Coast. Wanderlust, indeed :-) Thank you.

  2. Not only do you discovery amazing beauty out there you often find yourself too. Great photos.

    1. Thanks, oldegg. I'm looking forward to finding myself 'out there.' :-)

  3. Lovely photos, and go forth we are soon to do... with a vacation to Savannah, Georgia scheduled for late April, where we will hopefully be enjoying two of the beautiful images you've captured above! I agree with you, it is out there - there is so much to experience and see!

    1. Oh, Josie! My heart quickened & felt jealousy at the same time; is that possible? Lol!!! I SO want to see Savannah/Tybee. I've been captivated with that area for years, but never moved to make it so. Hoping/praying/stepping toward changing that. My eyes & lenses so need to see all the new things out there. Have a great time, my friend; I trust you will be sharing photos later to make me weep, openly. Hhhaaa!!!

  4. Hi Tracey -- I'm also shell addicted!!!! These photos are gorgeous. I also love your words; they too are beautiful . . . just like you.



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