Sunday, December 9, 2012

When I think of home

 This time of year reminds of a time long ago. When were mere children that LOVED the sign of snow.
We hung around the radio, listening to WHBC; fingers crossed, wishing, that because of snow, no school there would be
 This was THEE time to gather with friends, for sledding, building forts & snowball to the face (Lol!)
 Now that I am an adult,  I think nothing will ever take that place.

Christmas was coming & Santa was near. Our house filled with presents, fruits, candies, & family so dear

I could go on & on, but don't wanna drone

But these are the things I think, when I think of home.

Lol! Carry on Tuesday: "when I think of home"
(PS: these pictures are from 3/2011; thank God we haven't seen anything like this - thus far.)


  1. My Australian friends get similarly misty-eyed over their Christmas Days on the beach! Childhood is always nostalgic isn't it.

  2. I remember as a child waiting to hear if school was closed!



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