Sunday, December 2, 2012

Advent Days One & Two

ad·vent  (dvnt)n. The coming or arrival, especially of something extremely important.

"Jesus is the reason for this season."
 Okay; since I failed miserably @ listing my daily Thanksgivings, let's see if I can list daily advent thoughts. I am always grateful for so many things but time seems to get away from me.

Day One (12/1/12), I was grateful for:
  • the warm December weather that gave me one last chance to put all things summer away
  • the help that my son (unwillingly) gave me in bagging leaves, etc. (he had no choice, really :-))
  • awesome left over sausage w/peppers spaghetti sauce over pasta
  • my attempt at making my own advent tree, failing epically, but coming up w/another idea
  • FaceBook for allowing me to keep track of my friend, Lisa's, business trip to Europe (jealousy)
Day Two (12/2/12), I am grateful for:
  • deep, relaxing Bible study time in my room in silence (wooooosahhhh)
  • all the help "D" gives me, financially, emotionally, etc.
  • the two beautiful Christmas ornaments I purchased from the WorkShops where the disabled (including my son) create beautiful art. I think I will make this a yearly tradition. The art is gorgeous and the $$ goes back into the WorkShops
  • friends and family
  • deciding to keep Christmas decorations at a minimum this year - to focus on the real reason for the season
Namaste :-0)


  1. Finally, someone who understands "the reason for the season"!!!!! Many of us have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. Thank you Tracey for letting me there's at least one other person out there who knows what Christmas is TRULY all about!! Love the photo!

    1. Hey, Chris, my friend. Thank you for your kindness. Even though it seems to have taken me a while, I realize that I finally 'get' what the season is all about. I am in no way stressed or feel a need to spend big bucks, entertain, etc. My decorations around the house will be minimal w/my favorite pieces out only. My son is grown now so I don't have to focus on any toy aspect. I want to focus more on the true meaning. I feel true excitement! :-)
      Love, me.



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