Monday, December 17, 2012

Advent Day 17

She went to "Harrods" (Lol!)

Today's gratefulness comes in the form of being thankful for friendship.

My "Italiano Bella", Lisa D. who travels for the world for her job recently had business in London.

When we met up @ the guys' b-ball game, she told me she had something for me. Of course I bashed her (i.e., you didn't have to that, etc. Why do we say that when we know damn well we loves gifts? Lol)

She was bursting with excitement when she pulled out the Harrods bag. Now, I'm not a fancy girl in any way. I know nothing of labels or whose who/what's what, so when I went past the bag to get to the gift, she said DON'T YOU SEE THAT BAG? It's from HARROD'S, TRACEY; you know "THE" HARRODS. Well.... no I don't or didn't.

My bags usually carry the name of a local grocery or of some store that begins with the word "Dollar." Lol.

So, anywho, she gave me this absolutely beautiful teapot for one. I love everything about it. So 'girly' and so personal brewing my own personal cup. I feel much more elegant sipping tea from this rather than from my usual mug that says "Diva." (Lol!) I feel like I could sit down & have high tea w/the Queen & Kate Middleton.

I am grateful for my friends - those that are tangible, and my dear friends I have met here in cyberworld. As I always say, "I am blessed with your friendship." :-)

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