Monday, November 19, 2012

What's my flair?

I wonder what is my flair?

Am I bold enough to go with very little hair?

Or wear the reddest of lipsticks

Or the twistiest of twists?

The mic is open on the stage

Waiting for who would dare

Am I courageous enough to get up there?
 And even though its not for me, how big would the butterfly on my back be?

 And the tiny diamonds wore in the nose
When worn so subtly can strike such a pose

The women who rock these things seem sure, confident, kick ass, moving, pushing, going
While I wonder, what is my flair?

Pictures: Internet


  1. Hi Tracey, you know I love this post. I have noticed since I have been on pinterest that my style....things I would love to wear are sure not reflected in what I do wear. So your post makes me question me a bit. may we all find these things out. your blog is looking beautiful by the way.

  2. Looking at your last photo I'd say you already have all the flair you need. I know how you feel though because there are things I'd love to wear but don't for a number of reasons but admire those who do and can pull off the look. One of things I'd love to wear, but would need a set of sturdy titanium ski poles, are those sky high heels (like a pair of Jimmy Choos) women wear. My feet cry out in pain every time I look at a pair. Thought-provoking post, love the photos.

  3. HI TRACEY - I am a kid at heart, and still dress like one. I wear glitter and glitz and purples and bangles and keep my hair long with big colorful clips and hair ties. I even have glitter eye shadow. SO you do whatever feels good.
    Love to you



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