Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thanksgiving daily

A dear friend, Sharon @ Chaos Ranch introduced a great idea for giving a day of thanks for the entire month of November. I have pledged to follow suit & have been posting in her comment section. I'll share them here, then post @ her place as I try to recognize my daily blessings:

Day One:
Classic Ohio - near my office
Grateful for:
Even though 1 of our 2 cars died, I still have transportation
Even though things @ the law firm don’t seem solid, I still have a job
Warm clothing, since the temperatures are holding steady in the 40′s
The joy I get from getting into the quiet & doing Bible study
My family (even though we haven’t been together in ages)
The time I give myself to sit down & hand make cards. So therapeutic
The joy I get when the recipients of those cards let me know how right on time the cards are
Good books that touch my soul. Most recently, “The Healing” by Johnathan ODell
Books by “T. Davis Bunn”; I finished “The Quilt” and am starting on “The Messenger”
Grateful EVERYDAY that my dear friend, Cassie, who is terminally ill, was able to walk her THIRD Lymphoma Cancer walk. She is my daily inspiration.

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  1. I'm so glad to see you're doing this Thankful list on your blog too! Thanks for stopping by to list on my blog. I love your lists! Cassie is amazing!




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