Saturday, November 17, 2012


  • wake yourself
  • wake the house
  • wake the dogs & take them out
  • make the coffee
  • make the food
  • I'm not yet awake, trying not to be rude
  • where's the laundry? here are your clothes
  • I'm still wishing I could doze
  • Imagine how much better the household would fair
  • If for one day, I could be here, there, and everywhere.
 Lol!!! I felt like Dr. Seuss just then :-)

Out the kitchen window
Carry One Tuesday prompts: "Imagine" and "Here There & Everywhere"


  1. Replies
    1. Lol! I'm sure we are, Robyn. The life of wives and mothers :-)

  2. there was a little of the Dr. Seuss lilt! fun take on the prompt!

    1. Lol! thanks, my heart. I felt like I could've kept going! :-)

  3. I've often thought I should be cloned. Even then I wouldn't get everything done! Love this one!


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