Sunday, November 18, 2012

Day 18, A Day of Thanks

I have failed epically at giving daily thanks, even though I have been thankful, daily. In keeping with Happenings @ Chaos, my dear friend, Sharon's, timely & daily blessings inspire me.

I am grateful for making what I feel are the right decisions regarding discipline

I am grateful for this beautiful November weather: sunshine & blue skies, even tho temps are high 40's & low 50's.

I am grateful for the beautiful fall mess that is my yard. With the golden yellow leaves from the maple all over the place, I think it looks rustic

I am grateful that it's my house and I don't have to rake if I don't want to. Ever. Lol.

I am grateful that everything will still bloom in its time, even if I don't rake.

I am grateful for the grace I am feeling in the face of adversity about the upcoming holidays. Thanksgiving plans have changed multi-times in as many as 3 days. I'm about ready to chuck it all. WITH grace. :-\

I am grateful for Xanax. :-)

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  1. I love your post because you are grateful for the simple things in life. Things many of us, because of a hectic schedule or life, miss during the course of our day. Happy to read someone who values the simple things in life, Xanax notwithstanding, ha! I also know about Sharon and love the way she makes me think about things just as you do.


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