Sunday, February 13, 2011

Way Down the Road

the bad things i've said
the bad things i've thought
the bad things i've done
the bad habits I have
the rules i've broken
the moral lines i've crossed
the good deeds i've done
the people i've loved
the people who have wronged me
the people who have "righted" me
the words i've spoken
the words i've written
the feelings that have been hurt
the promises that have been broken
i've resolved to forgive myself, daily
and ask God for forgiveness as well
because in A Thousand Years from now
none of it will matter
and no one will remember


  1. Yes, everything fades with time..I love the idea of 'people who have righted me'..fantastic phrase..Strong words..Jae

  2. I liked the way you balanced positive with the negative. Deep and excellent writing, and quite timely for me!

  3. I wonder whether we write to beat the system and leave some of ourselves behind. Mind you we already do that by leaving so much of ourselves in our children and grandchildren and on an on.

    Poor little child I am thinking, a baby Old Egg that is part of me a thousand years from now!

    A really fine piece of work.

  4. The beauty of forgiveness is once said, the deed is gone, none of it matters to Him even a second later.

  5. Love old Albert. He is too infrequently quoted, in my opinion. Your photo is gorgeous and your thoughts on forgiveness shared.

  6. i find it very important to forgive myself and just move on for the better

    good one :)



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