Monday, February 28, 2011

Sensory Massage

As the huge, dirty, gray, snow/ice mounds melt, now we're getting floods. Nothing to set off floods better than lots of snow, followed by a crazy thunderstorm; complete w/thunder, wild lightening & buckets of rain. A couple of parks I passed today were completely underground. It rained and left big blocks of snow & the poor, beaten down grass. This time of year gets really ugly; no 'pretty' snow to hide everything in white, puffy, lumps. Only slush, mud, sticks, tree branches, dog poop in the dog-run - previously hid (ewwww....) grays, browns, dirt, water and... did I say mud?

I had to go back into the archives from '09 and dig out some blasts of color to keep my sanity. Tomorrow is March 1st already. Soon, these pictures will be a reality again. Aaahhh...

Thinking of the empty lot behind me to make a garden also gets me thru the weather crap. I get overwhelmed w/the possibilities. I'm sure I'll over-do. I can't wait! :-)

Pictures by: me :-]
flowers are my mom's New Guinea Impatients (love 'em);
the park 20 steps from my house. i used to play there growing up.

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