Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cabin Fever Randoms & 'Nelson'

  • We got slammed w/2 major winter storms this week. I won't (trying not to) complain because this is February. In Ohio, after all...
  • The ongoing winter is making me very crazy. Just when I hit my near-insane mark, Spring breaks through
  • The insane mark is fastly approaching & the weather guy said "new storm moving in Sunday..."
  • Scream!!!
  • I have become a complete addict for rubber stamps/ink pads, which has re-opened my eyes to all the left-over crayons, colored pencils, glue sticks, etc., from Son's school days
  • I actually do hand-stamp almost every card & note I send
  • I wish I had a room where I could leave all my "toys" spread out instead of always packing everything away
  • I have enuff of 'em (stamps) now. I need to stop
  • I've never been a chicken fan, but I find the older I get, the more I dislike it unless it's in the form of a breast & no where near a bone. I can cook it really well in all forms, but I never eat it
  • Today, I talked to the homeless guy who is always @ the library, studying with a HUGE magnifying glass. I usually quietly slip him a few bucks, say hi & keep walking, but today he introduced himself as 'Nelson' & told me I've always been so good to him, that he would like me to sit down w/him one day, when I had time, & talk w/him. I didn't sit, but we shook hands & he told me about the books he always studies (major medical, history books & the Bible). He said he has a lot of good ideas, but he always gives them away to people. I told him maybe he should write 'em down & hold onto them for himself. Maybe he could be rich one day
  • He said he'd love nothing more than to be rich ...
  • For all the folks there who, I'm sure, look at him like he's something from underground; I hope those folks saw us being nice to each other & that Nelson is a normal dude having a hard time. Whatever is going in his life, whoever he is, I believe he deserves some nice-ness.
  • I find myself looking for him every time Son & I go to that branch of the library. The library allows him to leave his stacks of books at "his" table always, like they know he will arrive every day (he does)
  • one time, I didn't see him for a couple of weeks & asked the snotty-assed librarian if she had. She, twisted up her face like she smelled crap, and over-the-top, said very loudly: YOU KNOW HE'S SCHIZOPHRENIC, DON'T YOU?
  • I told her yes, & asked if he had been in lately & she said NO!!!!
  • What I wanted to say: Yeah? We'll you're ugly & we're talking to you, aren't we? (LOLOL!!)**

**Disclaimer: excuse that last cruel remark - it's the cabin fever.. :-\
Pictures by: me :-)

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  1. prayers sent up for Nelson and all others afflicted with mental illness. We are all one human family. When will the world see this?

    p.s. glad to hear you are enjoying your crafty side ;)


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