Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Got inspiration?

I sure do, as you can clearly see!!! This doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of my 'inspirational library.' Just the other day, my mom & I were saying that we could probably have an inspirational book sale with our books combined - IF we were willing to part w/any of 'em.
My love of the inspirations are clearly another trait I picked up from mom. How can you not adore tons of reading that lifts your very soul? And they always make the books so beautifully pleasing, you can't help but peek inside.

Then once you crack the spine, you're in there - and you're not coming out! Not without a full belly of food for the soul.

When I hit thrift shops, or library book sales, the first place I hit is the inspirational section. Can you say 'treasure trove?' Out of the books you see, Daily Strength for Daily Needs' was a gift from my mother (ONLY because in her frenzy, she discovered she had duplicates), and the rest probably costs me $5, all together. SCORE! I always come home feeling good & can't wait until I can hunker down w/my books, a fresh pad of paper (for thoughts) & a pen.

And, what are the odds of finding the book "Random Acts of Kindness"?? I mentioned yesterday the RAK being given by Se'Lah & Anyes on 11/1/10. I take this as one of my usual 'life signs' that everything is all good.

Stay inspired, everyone! :-)

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