Friday, August 20, 2010

Sensory travel...

Isn't it funny how a smell or a sound or a taste or a song can completely open your memory box? Once I let myself think on it, I realized:

  • the smell of Dial soap reminds me of living w/my grandmother when I was probably 4 years old
  • a certain smoke reminds me of her coal furnace she used to light
  • songs by the old group, "Bread", remind me of my brother, Curtis - especially "The Guitar Man"
  • the voice of a long-time newscaster on local WHBC reminds me of standing around the radio, PRAYING he would announce major school closings in the winter
  • old fashioned Christmas carols remind me of Christmas growing up & mom would play them on the 'stereo' while there really was snow falling
  • in the stores @ holiday, the 'Christmas candy' (that hard as hell, wavy-ribbon striped stuff) now reminds me of growing up; it sat around in bowls - not the choice stuff - it was usually eaten after all the 'good stuff' was gone & you ate it just cause it was candy
  • the smell of fresh fruit @ Christmas (in bowls)
  • Ditto for 'real' Christmas trees & old bulbs
  • Clinque's Aromatics Elixer - my sister, Sharon :-)
  • distant clouds that look like mountains remind me of the mountains in Burbank
  • lunchboxes & wax paper remind me of my plaid lunchbox I had all thru grade school
  • and lastly, anytime I think of the words 'steak butter', I get nauseated. My ex-hub used to eat steak w/that when I was pregnant. Barf (LOL!)

Sunday Scribblings word-challenge: Time Travel

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  1. You brought back some lovely old memories for me to too. I never liked that ribbon Christmas candy, but I always thought it was so pretty.



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