Saturday, August 21, 2010

Only Half of Me....

It's been a lot of years
Been a lot of tears
yet here we stand
not holding hands
you waiting for me
and me waiting for more to be

we've weathered storms
and up and downs
but my heart tells me
i'm just standing around

My inner voice, to whom I try to be true
constantly screams out to me
that you're not for me
and I'm not for you

You are there, trying to prove yourself
I'm holding on to all I have left
your heart is there in your open hand
My heart's on lock-down
Praying for a different plan

Only God knows where this will lead
Cause he knows all that we cannot see
So in the meantime, you're making
future plans
And I'm over here dreaming of
another land.

Sunday Scribbling word: "half-Way"

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