Thursday, August 26, 2010

Love List

Adding more love to the pot today! :-) In my random thinking time, I came up with this list of my favorite 'love movies' as I call 'em. The ones I like to watch by myself over & over, hold my breath, smile, laugh, giggle, & talk along, verbatim, with even though I've seen them 100's of times.
  1. Love Jones (Larenz Tate & Nia Long trying NOT to fall in love. Scorching hot...)
  2. Prince of Tides (Streisand is elegantly classic. Beautiful scenery as well)
  3. White Palace (Susan Sarandon turns James Spader OUT! Love it)
  4. Love & Basketball (@ the end when he says 'double or nothing.' Scream!)
  5. Hope Floats (Bullock & Connick made sparks, plus the soundtrack great)
  6. My Best Friend's Wedding (sad & cute. I can't imagine Julia's pain in losing)
  7. Commitments (Alan Payne. Enuff said)
  8. The Way We Were (could Redford's teeth be any more perfect? And the way Streisand would brush his hair from his face. Hold me... (LOL!)
  9. Regarding Henry (loved "Henry" after he got shot, plus Annette Benning is my girl!)
  10. The American President (ditto re: Annette)
  11. Jason's Lyric (Steamy)
  12. One Fine Day (cute story; Clooney & Pfeiffer are cute)
  13. A Star is Born (Loved Streisand & Kristofferson's ying/yang)
  14. Untamed Heart (Marissa Tomei/Christian Slater = brings tissues)
  15. Ghost (do i really need to say anything?)
  16. Terminator** (see disclaimer below - LOL!)
  17. Diary of a Mad Black Woman (Shemar Moore/K.Elise christian love chemistry. Smoking hot w/out even touching. Loved. That.)
  18. Love Story ('love isn't having to say you're sorry.' Yeah, right. If you don't tell me you're sorry, somebody's getting their ass kicked (ha!)
  19. An Office & A Gentleman (the name alone says quite a bit)
  20. Driving Miss Daisy (c'mon! you know Miss Daisy loved 'Ole Polk.')
  21. The Mirror Has Two Face (Streisand love + when they finally kissed - whew!)
  22. A Walk In the Clouds (Keanu Reeves was delish, plus winery scenery was dream-like)
  23. Mississippi Masala (Denzel trying to get his Indian love on. Cute story)
  24. Overboard (Hawn/Russell - they make their own magic)
  25. Bridges of Madison County (punches me in my gut each time. I hold my breath @ the end each time)
  26. Jerry McGuire (not a huge Cruise fan, but he was extremely charming in this.)
  27. When a Man Loves A Woman (I am an Andy Garcia fan, though. Major swoon-age)
**Disclaimer: in spite of Arnold brutally murdering folks named Sarah Connor, Kyle Reese came back thru time to save his Sarah. I'm sorry, but if you come back through time to save me, I'm more than likely gonna sleep w/you. Count on it. :-)

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  1. Your disclaimer made me laugh out loud! I've actually missed some of these movies. I'll have to put them on my list to see soon and let you know what I think. ;)



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