Friday, August 6, 2010

30 things about me....

Greetings! A few randoms off the top of my heads.....

  1. I am ambidextrous ( can use either my left or right hands)
  2. my son is autistic & the smartest, kindest human being i've ever met)
  3. i used to live in Los Angeles
  4. i've been in my current relationship for 21 years
  5. i can type nearly 100 wpm w/nearly no errors
  6. i never had a boyfriend until i met my ex-husband @ age 23
  7. i can grow a perfect set of 10 nails at will
  8. i played clarinet in jr. & sr. high schools
  9. underneath my wedding dress, i wore white fishnet stockings & white lace ankle boots
  10. i eat spinach everyday
  11. when i was little, i used to eat plaster (which probably explains a lot)
  12. i am terribly afraid of mice/rats
  13. i love 'old' school jazz (Stan Getz, Monk, Oscar Peterson, Coltrane, Nancy Wilson, Chet Baker, Kenny Burrell, etc.)
  14. i can spell almost anything
  15. other than lipstick, i've never worn any type of makeup in all my 47 years
  16. i once had a drawing on display in our city's local art gallery
  17. sometime (& more often than not), i think of things before they happen. Freaky....
  18. i have always thought my teeth are 'too big' & usually cover my mouth when I laugh a big laugh
  19. i used to dream of being a kindergarten teacher
  20. i was a notorious tomboy (& still am in a grown-up way)
  21. i would play basketball everyday if i had the time
  22. when I was a teenager in bible school, a boy pinched my butt & I beat the shit outta him w/my Bible. Yes... the Holy Bible; King James Version. A mighty sword, indeed :-)
  23. my mother is truly my best friend
  24. anxiety attacks keep me from driving on the freeway (hopefully this is temporary & will pass)
  25. i choose fruit over candy any day
  26. i used to go to charm school (yeah... that worked.... Not!)
  27. i still have my doll, "Jane West," that i got for my birthday 38 years ago. today, she sits on my dresser
  28. i tossed my wedding ring in the Los Angeles river
  29. i still watch the Wizard of Oz - yearly
  30. I have a gift of writing letters &/or cards that will "lift you right outta your seat!" (so I've been told :-)

Picture courtesy of me taken by me @ work 8/5/10. Real busy, as you can see



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