Sunday, July 11, 2010

Moments of blessings...

it was a beautiful day, even though I didn't get out into it as much as I should have; i'll make sure that doesn't happen tomorrow.

Simple blessings today:

Gave the Son a haircut; I enjoy that cause we talk & act super silly. After all these years, I'm quite skilled at it. End result: he looks great, if I must say so myself :-)

I found a post by 'Hope is Calling' about the beauty of God, the beauty of the world & the beauty of us. Read here: it's good food for thought.

These begonia/ivy mixes made me REAL happy!!!! Summer is my favorite time on so many levels; the colors & beauty...

And finally, in today's mail, I rec'd a card from a dear old friend that had been on my mind!! I tell you - no less than 2 days ago, I thought to myself to mail her a card. She's a former co-worker, an elegant, older lady.We really enjoyed each other - she's my mother's age & still plays tennis weekly!! When I got the mail, I smiled & said her name aloud (Becky!!) because I couldn't believe the odds!! I'm gonna call that a blessing because I believe God crossed our souls.

Thanks, BZ; thinking of you, always ~ Love, me.

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