Friday, July 23, 2010

"Lista de la Vida", Parte Dos

Translation: Life list, part two:

go back to San Francisco & have time to do 'all things tourist'
drive from Los Angeles to Carmel/Monterey via Highway One
spend a summer on Martha's Vinyard
take a water color class
buy a truck
collect all of J. California Cooper's books
see a Hawaiian sunset
try new recipes @ least twice a month from the tons of Kraft Foods Magazines I have
live in a house w/a fireplace in my bedroom
and a butcher block center island in the kitchen
grow herb gardens - again
take my son on vacation
found a summer food program for kids who don't have 3-squares in the summer
found a place where those same kids could get clothes & school supplies
provide the funding for our Special Olympic kids to have their own sports facilities
provide nice, safe housing & trustworthy supervision for our special needs young men & women who want to live on their own
give my mother $$$ on a monthly basis
live alone again
get a massage w/warm stones
give my bedroom a much-needed makeover
and my bathroom

Courtesy: Cloud photo by Tracey

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