Friday, July 16, 2010

....and Happy Anniversary to me....

This is my first full week anniversary of the "Life Challenge." I'm so, so, proud of myself. My longtime relationship w/all alcohol intake has officially left my body. I am amazed at the sheer determination of my will; God works in such mysterious ways. I feel electric with excitement as to where my path will lead me. I knew last Thursday after I left the doctor's office that I was 'new.' When I asked God for a change & this situation happened so immediately, I had no doubt it was Him changing my life for the better.

Ever since last week, I almost feel childlike in anticipation of what's to come. D. is very supportive & my actions appear to be changing him in small ways. If the change I asked God for moves D as well, then it's a double blessing, no?

"I believe now that God was preparing me for what would happen..." ~ Helen Weigand

Amen :-)

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