Friday, July 16, 2010

61 Summer pleasures.....

  1. Warm cement under my feet on the patio
  2. The swing in the back yard
  3. The front porch
  4. "Drive In Night" (watching movies on the porch or patio w/mini DVD player)
  5. Masses of Morning Glories
  6. The intense color of purple/green sweet potato plants
  7. Sandals
  8. Shorts
  9. Sitting on the patio watching lightening bugs
  10. The sounds of cicadas
  11. Sunset when the bats fly in circles (even though if one ever got near me, I would surely die)
  12. Birds rising & singing @ 4:00a.m. like clockwork
  13. Fans
  14. Air conditioning (even though I'd just prefer less humidity...)
  15. Unknown wildflowers the spring up from a pack of seeds
  16. Planting flower seeds that actually come up & look like the picture on the seed packet (my Nasturtiums)
  17. Crystal Light, Lipton Ice Tea w/peach, & Lipton Green tea w/citrus instant packets you add to a bottle of water & shake. I like mine in the freezer until almost slushy - my new addiction..)
  18. "Arnold Palmer's" (iced tea & lemonade mixed. Bliss...)
  19. Walkin' the dogs early in the morning B4 anyone else in the neighborhood rises
  20. The hose
  21. My Toes in the grass
  22. Men's Summer Baseball League (yes, Lord...)
  23. Popsicles (preferably "red" or "purple")
  24. Baby's bare feet
  25. Parades
  26. Walks
  27. Fireworks
  28. Cooking on the grill
  29. Any Farmer's Market
  30. Fresh cut flowers for sale @ the Farmer's Market
  31. Eating outside
  32. 9:00p.m. sunsets
  33. Filling the birdbath & watching the birds drink & bathe
  34. Coffee on the porch @ dawn
  35. Cutting the grass (I love the lawnmower)
  36. The yard after mowing & weed eating. It looks 'magazine-worthy'
  37. Driving w/the sunroof wide open
  38. Watering the flowers w/a watering can; it makes you slow down & you can veg out mentally while giving them a drink
  39. Reading a good book in the shade
  40. Sitting in the backyard studying the giant willow in the summer breeze; it sways like it's underwater
  41. Sitting on a friend's porch, yard and/or patio
  42. Receiving 'pieces' of plant from a friend & it grows for years
  43. Outdoor concerts...
  44. ... Preferably in a park
  45. Bike trails
  46. Watching the Son play any sport
  47. Early morning garage sales, junk stores, second-hand shops
  48. Collecting terra-cotta flower pots of all shapes & sizes
  49. A strong summer rain
  50. Watching birds @ the bird feeder
  51. The sun shinning on me
  52. Nurseries for flower shopping (I get sensory overload every year)
  53. Park benches near a lake, pond or beach
  54. Sprinklers
  55. Royal blue skies
  56. White fluffy clouds
  57. Big, hearty gardens
  58. Tomatoes off the stem w/a salt shaker
  59. Snickers Ice Cream Bars
  60. Cardinals, Blue Jays, Yellow Finches & Doves
  61. Being blessed enuff to have 61 Summer Pleasures :-)


  1. i love each and every one of your simple things! isn't the circle of love from christina just beautiful?

    xo mary jo

  2. Good morning, Mary Jo! Thank you for loving my simple things - it IS the little things in life, is it not? :-)

    The circle of love for Christina was/is just breathtaking! She got a lot of love on her special day. And thanks to Selah for putting it all together. I love finding all my new blog friends :-)

  3. What a fabulous list.
    I'm late to the party for Christina but loving every blog I visit. It is indeed a celebration of life and love.

  4. Now that is a fine list. I share some of the same (but didn't list them all) You can never have too many popsicles (ever try Edy's pomegranite? they are to die for!)

  5. thanks for stopping by ladies!! So cool to have all these new blogs to visit & shout-out from new friends!

    Hmmm... Edy's pomegranite.. {writing that down..} Thanks! :-)



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