Friday, May 24, 2013


... Along came a spider & sat down beside her

Little things needed homes; $1.00/each

Why trim the willow tree when cute French braids can be made? :-)

Heavy spring rains bring comfort. My favorite park in the distance.

Adding captions to photos. Working on it, but it's a start

After digging in the dirt for hours, it's a nice surprise to see my red toes :-)
This break in time has given me a whole new perspective on "time." I am beautifully at peace. Noticing the little things, taking long walks, being inspired, being in the moment, reading & a set of red toes has been nothing short of luscious.

I am blessed.

Pictures: me
Sunday Scribblings word prompt: "luscious"


  1. Simple delights are most rewarding aren't they?

  2. a well deserved rest and relaxation :-)
    indeed, you are blessed.

  3. Sharply sensible, and sensibly sharp...

  4. Ah how nice to stop and breathe :-)


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