Friday, January 4, 2013

Frozen Friday

"Widow Makers"

"in the moment"

"frozen sunset"

Well, you can see what we have going on in my corner of the planet - frozen tundra. The temps have been in the high 20's w/windchill factor making it about 10 degrees. Especially with the wind. But today is also the first day the sky was cobalt blue and the sun was shining. Shining just enough to turn some frozen spots into slush, but not much. My street is still snow/ice covered but it's manageable.

The "Widow Makers" are outside my office window. I didn't know they were called that for their danger in falling & totally cracking skulls!! I can see that happening. I read a book called "The Lovely Bones." Without giving major spoiler alert if you haven't read it, I'll just say I can't see these W.M's without thinking of that book.

Otherwise, there is not much to do when the weather is such. I've been taking this hibernation time to write faithfully in my journals & take my time to personalize cards. Out of no where, I started a kind of funky prayer journal aside from my daily journal. I say funky cause it's where I pour my heart out to God, yet I still add in stamps, dried flowers, quotes, sentences from the pages of old mags. Like hanging out w/God & giving Him all my prayers & stuff. I find it completely releasing. :-)

Hoping you are keeping warm and safe so far in the New Year, my friends.

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