Sunday, November 25, 2012

The "Good" Flood

The flood of love that always radiates around my sister, Paulette's house on her Annual Ohio State vs. Michigan parties is enough to last for days.
"Family love"
Yesterday was the 5th Annual (YEAH, WAY TO GO, BUCKS!). There is lots of good food, side-cracking laughs, hugs, jazz, having 3 conversations at once, and a true sense of family.

The tradition is; you must wear OH State gear; you must put on your beads @ the door, even though never asked, you NEVER show up empty-handed, and finally, every time OHSt. scores, you must take a shot of tequllia. Lol! I have learned to skip that part of the party.

And, I'm usually never IN the pictures.

I prefer to watch the flood from behind the lens. :-)

Sunday Scribbling word promt: "flood"


  1. A flood of family lovin'... the very best kind for sure! I loved hearing about this tradition, it's things like this that keep family close. Sounds like a rowdy good time, growing moreso as the game progresses and shots flow freely. Like you, I'd have to sit that part out, my tequilla days are long over, but back in the day.... :-)

  2. I also loved hearing about this tradition. I think I'd have to bypass the tequilla as well. That stuff will know you on your . , . well, you know what! It's all about family, friends and being thankful isn't it?

  3. Woohoo! Ditto Josie Two Shoes, totally! Reminiscent of my TX days and the beloved TX/OU weekends :-D



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