Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Month of Thanksgiving/Day 11

Bare and strong!
Even though I have cheated & missed a few days, I'm still grateful for these past few days of sweet weather. Everything in nature has its time; while I love a full tree in the spring & summer, nothing surpasses the awesome-ness of Fall. The leaves give a last hurrah before they bow. Bare trees stand tall with character.

Leaving the office

Untouched beauty
Grateful for the joy i felt all day, even though negativity tried to creep in. I'm proud that it all rolled off my back like a duck in water.

Grateful for grace in the face of petty adversity. :-)

Fresh laundry from the dryer

Left over venison chili

A clean kitchen

A photo shot idea I'm having about a landmark being demolished

The offer to be lead photographer on a local newspaper online site, even though it's for photo credit only, I don't have the time since ofc. hours are 8-5, & the guy is pretty demanding. I still appreciate his interest.

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