Thursday, September 27, 2012

Love Thursday

I had fallen away from Love Thursday. I was doing it in simpatico with another blogger that I don't visit much anymore. I still stop by her place every now & then, but she's gotten "BIG" (i.e., TV, magazine interviews, etc.) That kinda stuff scares me off because I'm just a small dot on the planet. She gets so many comments that by the time I read, if I commented, I'd be #354 (Lol!). You cannot tell me someone reads THREE HUNDRED FIFTY-FOUR+ comments daily.

But I still loved the idea of sending out love one day a week, & will try to remember to do so every Thursday, so here goes.

If you have a second, PLEASE look at this "Love Story In 22 Pictures."

You may want to have a tissue, or if you're like me, you'll just let 'em flow down your face into your lap.

To me, it represents the strongest of love between 2 human beings.

Does anybody out there have a love that could withstand this?

Hoping, wishing & praying that you do :-)

Happy Love Thursday.

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