Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dear Drear

  • Drear has a firm grip on me today
  •  It can't be the rain; rainfall is good. Especially on a day off with no where to be
  • Day two of vacation days I took off to spend time with mom. Yesterday, her basement flooded so we spent the majority of the day with plumbers.
  • We were to plan someplace to go today, but the wind, chilly, rainy weather over rode that.
  • I couldn't think of one place to go, otherwise.
  • I think maybe that's why drear was able to slip in
  • So today, I slept 'till NOON! (who, me? That NEVER HAPPENS)
  • I had no interest in getting out of bed
  • I slept on and off, fitfully, never remembering what I dreamt
  • Except one thing; my neighbor that died earlier this month was on her porch, waving to me
  • I waved back
  • Maybe spending some time @ my desk making a card for someone will take the focus off of drear
  • And it will leave
  • Tomorrow, back to the office
Pictures: me


  1. Love this post Tracey. I can sympathize with you on drear days. I like to think that it's Mother Nature's way of telling us to slow down and take it easy every now and then.

    1. Yes, Chris, mother nature definitely made me slow it down. I've never been more rested - my skin looks like a teenager! Lol. I really hate when 'drear' chooses me to hang with. I've got to learn to handle it better.

      Blessings, friend. ~ me



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