Friday, August 24, 2012

By 'accident', I am now a Catherine Ryan Hyde Fan. During one of my blissful days of hanging out @ the library for hours, I found her books on CD. I don't know what made me pick them.

She writes so deeply and down to earth. Love in the Present Tense was my first listen. I found myself not being able to WAIT to drive to work so I could lose myself in this tender story.

Next, I found Chasing Windmills. It's a different story - a love story, and the characters come so alive. Ditto on the driving while listening thing.

NOW, When You Were Older is up for giveaway @ Goodreads. I'm giving Ms. Hyde a shout-out here because I know this story will be another heart-toucher. Especially since it involves a disabled grown man. It could be my son.
And it will give me a better chance of winning for mentioning the book here. :-)

~ Fingers crossed!!!


  1. I love the title of her 'give away' book!! Let me know if you win and good luck!! I put her on my list of 'must buy'

    1. I will, sis! I keep watching for notice. Listen to this: I was @ her page on Goodreads commenting on how I liked the books & out of know where, she replied & thanked me! She said I should reply @ her blog because she rarely checks her Goodreads messages & didn't want to "miss me." Die!!! AND, she told me to call her "Catherine", not "Ms. Hyde." SCREAM!

      I am SO in there.... LOL!!!

  2. I WON! I WON! I WON!! Woo Hoo!!



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