Thursday, May 31, 2012

Something good

Sunset 5/29/12

Sunset 5/29/12
"something good :-)"
Hey friends! Just a few shots of my something good everyday. The sunsets were taken from a friend's deck. Now I know where to go to catch sunsets as opposed to hanging out of my bedroom window. :-)

I was just listening to Joyce Meyers on the iPod. The lesson was 'choose happiness.' In the mornings when you wake, and if you think you're depressed - you'll have a depressing day.

But, if choose to have a great day & tell yourself that, you WILL have a great day. The mind is such a powerful thing & negativity is always waiting to pounce. If you let the negs. get a foot in the door, it's over. But if you kick the negative door in the butt & claim your great day - it will be.

Ms. Meyers also spoke about being victims of our past. Just because you were raised or treated a certain way that wasn't healthy does NOT mean you need to continue to carry that damn bag with you.

Trust yourself & love yourself, and you will find something good in every day! And that's not Joyce talking right there - that was all me! Lol.

Thanks for stopping in!

"Night Lily" taken @ 9:00p.m.


  1. HI TRACEY - I received your beautiful card and note and it was just what I needed to lift my spirits amidst these unsettling times. "Thank you" my friend - you are an angel. I love your post and the pictures are beautiful, just like you.
    Love Gail

    1. Hi there, Gail. You had been on my mind so often lately that I had to send you a shout-out! I hope all is well - I'll be over to your 'place' to update myself. I'm glad the card arrived just on time - which is the best time. Thank you for your kindness always. Peace & comfort to you :-)



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