Thursday, May 17, 2012

Set It Free

In my tribute to 'letting everything go - setting myself free, I share this beautiful song from back in the day by one of my all time faves, Kenny Loggins. This album (Celebrate Me Home) has been my favorite since I was about 12 years old. If you have a second, give it an ear.

The balloon caught way up in the tree tops was one that clearly got away on mother's day. It greeted me when I came back to the office on Monday. It's still there :-) It's free, yet not so free.

I can see the rain,
Come into my room again.
Broken window pane,
Now reminds me I'm alive.
Could it be right,
Givin' up, my darlin'?
I'll wait for you now,
To remind me why I've gone.

How I love to write,
Songs that have no answers.
Oh, there's nothin' on my mind,
That I want to let go of.

Letting it go on pretendin',
Everything has its way of endin'.
And I'm a loner,
The way I should be.

Set it free,
Let it free my love to fly,
Set it free.
Set it free,
Let it free my love to be,
Can I be free?

Still it's gotta rain,
Wonder when I'll see a change in weather.
Somethin's gettin' tangled up again,
And I can't find an end.

Can't let it go on returnin',
I've given everything that the harlequin boy can find.
And I'm tired of trying,
I'd rather leave than tell lies.

Set it free,
Let it free my love to fly,
Set it free.
Set it free,
Let it free my love to be,
You'll be free.

You'll be free my love to fly,
Free to be what I can't face.
In love again,
Set it free.

Set it free,
Set it free my love.


  1. Hi
    great song and great picture, yes, set it free
    Love Gail

    1. Hi friend! I MISS you. I've been so behind. Good to "see" you. Thank you for the kindness. I hope all is well.

  2. hola Queen,

    hope all is good (smile)

    1. Hola,Queen!!! All is well- hope you're having a great time! :-)



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