Saturday, May 5, 2012

M.I.A. :-)

Hey friends!! I'm still here!! Sorry I have been MIA of late. I cannot believe how time is flying. If it wasn't for my friend, Sharon @ Chaos giving me a little nudge, I'd probably still be outside. :-)

Thanks, Sharon.

It's already summer-like here in the Big O-H, so I've been spending every spare moment outside. Then by the time I come in, I'm too tired. 
Here are few shots from yesterday morning after big storms the night before. I love walking around like this - everything is so cleansed.

Otherwise, all is going okay. Son's track season started so that makes me walk the track two days a weeks for two hours straight. I always feel great after a sweaty walk.

I commend myself on "saving" this Rhodo from an abandoned house around the corner from me. It looks like it's adapting pretty good here. 

I treated myself to a second camera. It's a Canon, but I'm oh, so in love with my Sony. It feel so natural in my hands. I try to shoot w/both each day.  There is so much beauty everywhere!

My neighbor's beautiful Iris'.

I bought a "braided" Hibiscus tree. I've always wanted one. The blooms pop big and bright, then die. They only live for a day.

Blessings. :-)

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