Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thankful Thursday to all of you. It seems like this day comes about faster each week! Some random thanks are:

This absolutely adorable insulated lunch bag, tailored just for me ("Cuppa T" Photography) by my sis, Paulette. It doesn't get any cuter than this, does it? I am thankful & blessed for her surprise visit, which we don't do often enough. It felt good to sit and catch up. She's a beautiful, funny, strong, lady :-)

Now tell me - how could one NOT be thankful for this smile? I mean, really? This is my Jeremiah who came to visit the other night. Him sitting on my lap trying to teach me the "Angry Birds" game warmed my hearth through and through.

I am thankful that mom has the strength & dedication to always come to Son's basketball games & cheer him on.

I am thankful that I am so fascinated with the rising sun and the setting moon that I always pull over to capture and share. Who can focus on driving when you got this going on in the East and the moon (above) in the West?? :-)

I am thankful that there exists such a spot as this that just begs for you to take a seat and let your mind wander out over the water.

I am lastly (for now) thankful for "D" having gainful employment which has taken a huge amount of pressure off me. He is always so eager and anxious to help out with "his money." This Sunday, I'm going shopping for a new pair of good quality walking shoes - "D"'s treat. It ain't the Hope Diamond, but I am thankful as if it were.

Thanks for reading today, & always, stay thankful!

Pictures by: me :->

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