Friday, January 13, 2012


How about this new look, huh? I was tired of the old look & wanted something different - more grown up.

Did I clean up or what? Suddenly, it was all too much clutter! I mean, I'm not a sponsor of anything, nor do I have other blogs to connect to, so why have all that stuff taking up space?


Also, I lost 3 readers, so I thought instead of obsessing over that, I'd remove that 'follower counter' & not be concerned with how many folks follow or don't. I'm not the best writer, nor do I have deep or witty topics, cool recipes or Etsy pages, cute little children, a cool group of girlfriends, nor a career worth speaking on, a happy marriage, nor an unhappy one, no awesome poetry or a huge following.

So, here's to un-cluttering and growing up :-)

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