Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Good afternoon - another day to be thankful. Things I'm giving thanks for:
  • Thursday lunches w/mom. Who gets a chance to laugh for sixty minutes in the middle of the day, then get a hug from your mom?
  • For God working out a financial situation in his own way; in his own time. A lesson in trusting in my faith that I need to constantly practice.
  • My 10-year old great nephew in Florida telling me the cards I send him "makes him teary!" (lol! he's quite mature for 10 years)
  • The four weeks of vacation I now have after 10 years of service here @ work. I'm wanting to really make my dream of visiting the Coastal Islands of George a dream come true. Plan, save, DO!
  • That my boss was able to laugh & come closer to closure on the anniversary of her son's death (yes - it has been a year since my buddy, Patrick, died. Time flies, wounds heal, memories stay embedded in our hears forever)
  • The excitement my 2 dogs display when I as much as walk in the room. Now THAT's some real, true love. Thanks, boys :-)
  • That I made the decision to put my self-worth above a matter of the heart (yay, me!)
  • And lastly, I'm thankful I have my camera so I can continue to share the beauty around me with everyone!
And that's all I have for now off the top of my head. Have a good evening and stay thankful, always!

Pictures by me (taken in the last 2 weeks) :-}

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