Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Hey, it's Thankful Thursday, AGAIN! I simply refuse to let go of summer. I mean, I'm having serious issues with it. And here in Ohio, there's no warning; i.e., today: high of 87, tomorrow a high of 60. Today is truly only a high of 60. And raining. And the leaves are changing slowly. Sigh..

Giving thanks for:
  • reflections: the 1st one in the form of glass, and

  • the 2nd one in the form of reflecting in thought

  • a neighbor in distress ran to my home to use the phone because she felt she could be safe there. I'm thankful my home looks like a "safe haven" to those in need
  • Midday Connection & Joyce Meyer on my iPod while I work
  • "D's" pending employment opportunity. So sorely needed
  • the comfort I get when I give myself hours to create, play & write
  • cooler weather (grrrr....) for making soups & chili
  • the feeling & reaction of a hug from encouraging a co-worker w/not a lot of self-esteem

And that's all I have for right now. Until next week - stay thankful!

Pictures by: me :-}


  1. Beautiful pictures. I love the idea of listing the things you're thankful for:)
    Feel free to come find me at
    Hope to see you there!

  2. Thank you, Cubette, for coming by - I'm glad you enjoyed being here. I am headed on over to your place - thanks for the invite. :-)

  3. Love your list, Tracey. So glad you were home for your neighbor and at work when your co-worker needed you. You are a source of strength for so many!

    Hugs, Sharon



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