Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thankful Thursday, all! Thankful today...
  • a friend wasn't hurt in a car accident that totaled his car
  • spending time talking w/that friend
  • reconnecting w/a sweet friend, hearing her voice & laughing
  • my son has such a great attitude about going to work each day
  • the 'church' program i watch (instead of news) while getting ready for work lifted my heart & filled me with joy
  • getting back on track with "Thursday's lunches w/mom"
  • so glad that my bro decided to come back home to Ohio from L.A. to start afresh
  • how Dwayne cleans the kitchen, prepares dinner & feeds Son before I get home from work
  • God bless my Italian bella, Lisa D. & for gifting me w/her spare computer
  • at the book sale, I found this, & right beside it, Book 2 @ $.50/ea. What are the odds? I like how they read; like having a convo w/God like an old friend
  • temps in the 70'sLink
Until next Thursday :-)

Pictures by: me :-)
(#1 - the old Stern & Mann bldg.. once THEE 'finest' department store downtown. it's now offices
#2 - iron fish in the Art District
#3 - "Sheri" has had several write-ups in the paper about her sweets. I stay away
#4 - clock@ the Millenium Bldg., (a law firm)
#5 downtown fountain

1 comment:

  1. All are wonderful things to be thankful for Tracey! Especially the friend being safe after that car accident! I'm thankful with you on that one.



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