Friday, September 30, 2011

"Quiet Signs" Friday

Hey Friends! I wanna stand on top of a mountain & scream 'thank God it's Friday!!!.' All work & no vacation makes Tracey a very crazy girl! :-) Not many words today in honor of 'quiet Friday', but I wanted to show this. When I walked in the woods earlier this week, I had to use the restroom, but not this bad! Lol. It's cute though, isn't it?

Have good, safe weekends, all of you :-)


  1. Hi there - I never referred to an outhouse as "cute" :-) have a wonderful weekend
    Love you

  2. LOL! Good morning, dear Gail. I don't usually think they're cute either, but I've never seen one so decorated. Still couldn't bring myself to use it though. I hope your weekend has been restful. Until next time! :-)


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