Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The story of my life, thus far is filled with many chapters.

Chapter I: Little Sister/Big Sister/Tom Boy
Chapter II: Little Sister/Big Sister/Prima Donna Teenager
Chapter III: High School Graduate/Think She Knows it All
Chapter IV: Moved to L.A. @ 17; She Knows Nothing
Chapter V: Moved back to Midwest; Still Clueless

Chapter VI: Moved to L.A., again; Is it possible to still be Clueless?
Chapter VII: OMG! She's Getting Married/The Most Clueless Move Ever Made
Chapter VIII: OMG! She's Having a Baby!!
Chapter VIV: Moving Back to the Midwest w/the Baby
Chapter X: OMG! She's A Mother!!

Chapter XI: The Divorce
Chapter XII: The Diagnosis: Your Son is autistic
Chapter XIII: Get Over Yourself & Realize How Blessed You Are
Chapter XIV: OMG! She bought a house!!
Chapter XV: The Diagnosis, Part II: Your Son is Awesomely Made/God Gave Him To You, Specially
Chapter XVI: Special Olympic Families: The Best Group of Folks You'll Ever Meet
Chapter XVII: Becoming Best Friends with Me
Chapter XVIII: Figuring Out What I Like To Do
Chapter XIX: Doing What I Like To Do
Chapter XX: Blossoming, Blooming, Opening & Receiving

Outdoor pictures by: BFF, Lisa Doyle. She's awesome!
Story picture: Google courtesy
Sunday Scribbling Word Prompt: "story"


  1. Such a clever way to tell your story, life does indeed have its chapters and yours seem to be growing more and more joyous with every one, really wonderful to see :o)

  2. Thanks, Deborah!! I appreciate that & am glad you enjoyed. when you think on it, lives really ARE chapters, aren't they? I think it's up to us to write our own as we go :-)



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