Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's a gift

I love our local libraries! No matter where I go, the first thing I need to know is where the libraries are. If I'm bored at lunch, it's the first place I hit. I get very upset when it's time for 'budget cuts', the libraries are the first thing that're targeted! (Anger! :-\)

Isn't this old 'book lender', cute? They had them for free @ the library. Cute, if you should ever be so inclined to lend your books out... which I'm not (LOL!)

I loved this book - didn't get to finish reading it because it was on 'express,' but I have plans to buy it to own. That's how much I like it. I love reading books on slavery and, well, 'the help,' as it gives insight to how those lives were lived.

Magnetic book marker! Ultra cute, huh? I'm known very well at all the libraries. Probably cause I'm always so willing to pay up my fines. Can't understand how folks get pissy at their own fines! There's really no excuse these days - you can do it all online. I feel like my fines help 'contribute' to keeping the libraries open (LOL!) Gotta justify myself in some way :-)

I'm not joining any reading challenges for 2011 since I usually read when the spirit moves me, but I'm always reading. Recently got back into books on CD for driving too & from work. Two that I've recently finished are Love in the Present Tense, (excellent), The Yada Yada Prayer Group (excellent), & am now reading The Last Block in Harlem.

My musical tastes are all over the place! There is no 'bad music.' I've found some of the best old jazz @ the library. I always experiment - it's free!

Libraries: The medicine chest of the soul. ~Library at Thebes, inscription over the door

Pictures by: me :-D

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  1. Hey Tracey,
    I love libraries too but must admit I love love to won the book. I love a crowded bookcase with well read books. Yet I very rarely if ever re read a book once I'm done. I just find I remember it to quickly and it spoils it for me. I have re read To Kill A Mockingbird though. I never thought of getting cd's from the library must go and check it out.



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