Friday, February 11, 2011

25 Randoms & Windows


  1. special olympic sports never end & they pretty much dominate all of your Saturdays. Every season.
  2. we have shirts that say "Mom, aka 'Roadie.'" (lol!) cute & true.
  3. all in love with my new camera & iPod. they both soothe the savage beast-ette.
  4. congratulations to the people in Egypt for their joy.
  5. i need a vacation - STAT.
  6. i hyperventilate every time i think of my new garden on the empty lot
  7. i can't believe i followed thru & actually hand made simple Valentine's Day cards
  8. and mailed them out to everyone!
  9. it's funny how after temperatures in the teens, 35 degrees almost feels balmy
  10. i need to go someplace different to take new pictures of fresh things
  11. i would like to see the faces of the folks @ the nursing homes when they get my random cards
  12. i'm pissed that PBS & NPR's funds are in jeopardy
  13. iPod + podcasts = Happy Tracey
  14. my photog friend told me it's best to shoot pix in "raw." it's a good thing.
  15. why do i check out more library books than I could ever possibly read in two weeks?
  16. sending random cards is perfect opportunity to feed my latest 'thing'; rubber stamp designs. Yay!
  17. discovery: curly spinach beats flat-leaf, hands down
  18. this would be a pretty cool garden, no? seats among the harvest (lol). Swoon
  19. why is my stylist @ JCPenney suddenly 'booked solid' constantly? Damn!
  20. sadness is seeing a book @ Border's for $23
  21. happiness is seeing the same book @ the library book sale for $1
  22. a friend randomly sends me little packages of handmade treasures. its always a perfect end to a day
  23. when i held the door for an elderly woman, she told me she liked my smile the best. blessings
  24. Ahh.. Thich Nhat Hanh 'gets' my need/craving for spells of silence
  25. i love how i'm blessed to be able to see a picture in all things :-)

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  1. I enjoyed your list. I enjoyed my Valentine! Thank you very much. :) I enjoyed all of your links. I recently watched an Oprah show with Goldie Hawn in which she said even a few minutes of silence a day can make you a more happy person -- 20 - 30 was great, but if you could only get a few, that was better than nothing. You would be happier.




Seriously? Day 24? Lol. Sometimes I don't know why I bother with these prompts. 😕 "Inspiring Movie": I loved this one . ...