Sunday, January 9, 2011

Favorite recipe...

Align Right
My esteemed walking partner (my son), doing what he does best... :-)

  • walking shoes, any pair that treats your feet right are good
  • one pair of socks
  • one pair of sweats
  • stretches
  • one hoodie or warm outer layer
  • one camera
  • one bottle of water
  • wide-eyed wonder
  • open eyes
  • imagination
  • breath
  • thankfulness
  • gratefulness
  • amazement
  1. on one body, add shoes, socks, & sweats; secure firmly
  2. add stretches until limber
  3. top lightly w/hoodie or warm outer layer
  4. add one camera, making sure batteries are fully charged
  5. slowly add bottled water to body
  6. while body is moving, allow wide-eyes wonder to soak in
  7. keep eyes open
  8. slowly whisk in imagination & breath until fully blended
  9. generously add thankfulness & gratefulness
  10. walk until fully filled with amazement
  11. repeat as needed
Once completed, please enjoy your walk in the park


  1. sweet.

    yummy food plus lovely park views.
    life could be magical,
    thanks for the fun.

  2. Brilliant take on the prompt - loved it!

  3. beautifully done Tracey! Love #8!

  4. Thanks, everyone!!! Please feel free to whip up batch for yourselves! (LOL!)



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