Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How can you know me

Matthew 25:35: For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in ...

I look out at you, with sad, lonely tired eyes
but you don't look at me, in fact
you look away

I reach out to you with cold, frozen hands
but you don't reach our for me, in fact
you draw your hands closer to yourself

I open my mouth to ask for help
but you don't hear me, in fact
you turn your head or go in a different direction

My skin crawls with goose bumps from the
wind, snow, rain, the weather
but you don't clothe me, in fact
you look down on me with disgust and
distaste at the meager clothing I wear

My stomach growls & rumbles with hunger
but don't feed me, in fact
you shove your fistful of money deeper into
your pockets

My body grows tired & weary of walking to no destination
but you don't offer me shelter, in fact
you close your door & double-lock it

I venture into public libraries for warmth
even though I'm welcome here, you still
gaze upon me with your revolting stare while
wondering, 'how could he possibly read a book?"

I ask for a little spare change, maybe a
nickle here, a dime there
but you don't give a cent to me, in fact
you shout the word "NO!" with vile disrespect
all the while telling me I'll only spend your
nickel and dime on alcohol or drugs


But how could you know me?
when you won't touch me, look at me, talk to me,
help me, comfort me, treat me with respect?
If you sat w/me for only a moment, you would find out:
  • these eyes were once clear, sharp & focused, filled with dreams
  • these hands were once caregivers that saved lives. In fact, I was the doctor that saved your child's life
  • this mouth used to speak words that would hush a room, I used to give top notch speeches when I was the CEO of a company
  • my skin was once covered with clean, fashionable clothing; the best that money could buy. In fact, didn't you sell me my now tattered, grey cashmere sweater?
  • my stomach used to be filled with the healthiest/best of foods. In fact, I remember sitting next to you at the finest restaurant in town

So please, don't judge me, for I am human, too.
I once lead a clean, healthy, happy life, just as you do
If you can do no more for me than to push me away
The least I can ask you to do for me is please, please


This is my tribute to the homeless folks all across the country, but more-so in places like my tiny portion of the planet where it snows & the temperatures drop brutally low. Each year at this time, my heart aches for what men, women, children & animals go through not having the basic comforts, in particular, two homeless men I'm familiar w/@ one of our local libraries.

I don't do nearly as much as I should to help out, but I do try to help these 2 guys because I'm used to them. I look them straight in the eye & give them my big-toothed smile & command their attention! (LOL!) I speak & treat them as if they were my boss, or any other person, because you know what? They ARE any other person and we are all one step away from being their shoes, especially with times as they are. So never turn your back, look away, or act with any indifference, even if you don't want to help. I do everything in m power to give these guys the dignity they were born with, but lost along the way.

The four steps to helping homeless folks are: volunteer, respect, give & pray. That's not a whole lot to ask, is it :-)

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