Sunday, November 28, 2010

"keep saying it will be ok..."

So that
the cracks don't seem like canyons
the inclines don't seem like mountains
I can believe there is more road
on the other side of the hill
I won't think I'm leaning to the left
a down-pointing arrow & an up-pointing arrow, won't seem like
an unwanted roller coaster ride
my car won't seem like my enemy, refusing to let me believe
I am safe inside
my hands won't shake
my brow won't sweat
my breath that I hold so tight
won't seem like my last
my throat won't seem like the eye of a needle
that can't swallow food

... here's to the antidotes that keep my panic bay! (LOL!)

Sunday Scribbling prompt: "antidote"
Pictures by: me :-) & 'uulyrics.' so proud of my 'Polaroid' shot. Can't wait to play around with that.


  1. Those photos beautifully illustrate the weight of panic..I am very glad you have an antidote to them ..thank you very much for your visit (return round of applause!) Jae

  2. Have been through that feeling a couple of times myself and found my antidote :) glad you did too!!

    Have a great week ahead!!

  3. thank all of you, fellow story-tellers! (LOL!) :-)



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