Friday, November 5, 2010


I'll never tire of watching the very thing
that keeps me shaded and cool in the summer time
slowly with big fanfare, turn into something
so beautifully intense in the Fall.

I'm behind on my sunday scribbling for this week (understatement). It took me this long to have an original thought! :-) Word prompt: intense.

picture: by me @ the park


  1. All you pics above are so lovely. I love autumn too. Thank you. :o)

  2. Thanks, Mary! thank you for coming by - Fall in Ohio is so beautiful, I look forward to it each year. Come back again! :-)

  3. Oh! my favorite colour......RED! Love the golden hues peeking thru.

  4. hey grace! i'm so glad i can catch what my eyes see @ this time of year. sometimes, i try & try & finally, I have to just leave it alone & enjoy while I'm lookin' @ it! :-)



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